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Don’t take our word …Just listen to this lecture. It’s free. This 27-minute criminal law lecture is about criminal intents under both the Common Law and the Model Penal Code. This lecture will quickly show you how superior our MP3 lectures are and why our saying, if you want to get an A get a Study Partner, is absolutely true.  So many students call us each day and thank us for making it sooooo easy…

This is great, I wish my criminal law prof would listen to your lectures…..

It all makes sense now…..


If we got your attention, wait until you get our MP3 Exam writing lecture. Read this testimonial:

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See this picture of an “A” exam grade? Here is the email that came with it.

Testimonial: “By the way, Colby and I have been using the study methods from the CD you sent me over the summer.  We just took our evidence midterm a few weeks ago (our professor is Lynn McClain, who literally “wrote the book” on Maryland Evidence)….and I got an “A” (there were only 5 A’s in her classes, combined- about 200 students) and Colby got a B+. The attachment is an image (jpg) of the first page of the exam, with my grade.

She also handed out “sample full credit answers from your classmates” and guess who’s were included?? MINE!! 🙂

It made a world of difference, knowing how to study and what to do.  Please tell Dean thank you!


PS It was my first “A” on a law school exam!”

PS.  I’ve been getting all A’s since I talked to Dean and started using your study materials.  I even got 1 of only 4 A’s in Evidence last semester!!! 

She had done poorly in her first year of law school. She became our student rep over the summer and we asked about her grades; (B’s and C’s). We sent her our MP3 Exam writing lecture and told her to get to it. She followed the instructions and became a superior student in her 2nd and 3rd years.

In each substantive MP3 Lecture there is a complete comprehensive printed outline with application question and answers as well as an extensive exam writing section.

These products are perfect for a student who has to commute to law school and wants to use that time for their greatest advantage.

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