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There are a set of skills needed to do well in law school and to become a great attorney. Our only mission is to help you learn those skill sets.

To that end we have developed a set of products for law school that have no equal. They are all integrated and make it easy to learn the skills needed. The end result is always the same; you get A’s in law school.

  • I got my first grades today: a 99 in Civ Pro, a 98 in Torts, a 88 in Contracts, and a 86 in Real Property. I would have done better had I followed all the advice I got from your exam writing books…I really can’t stop laughing…. your stuff is real cool and it shows you the only way to do it.

    Eric Lund WhittierJ.D.

  • I got my first grade today and it was an A in Torts….everybody told me not to memorize the law like your exam writing books said to. They were wrong…. very very wrong…. I’m glad I listened to you.

    James Burger Temple J.D.

  • I got all A’s and one B+. It works.

    David Last American J.D.