Special Offers

Our new website is finished and all we need now is to make sure everyone knows about it. We are celebrating with each person who visits.

Just click on the below ordering links to add the products to your shopping cart to take advantage of some really great discounts:


Special Offer #1 : For the next 72 hours you can get  from $30 off on any one of these three products!

  • Rom Law Online
  • Rom Law PC with Dean’s, Exam and Dictionary.
  • Rom Law MAC OSX with Dean’s, Exam, and Dictionary

Special Offer #2 : You can get a Free Foldeez Law Outline with any purchase of a Printed Case Brief Book for the next 72 hours. We don’t have Foldeez for Admin Law, Family Law, and Tax so instead you get free freight for that book. To get this offer you must add the following product to your cart: Order a Printed Case Brief Product and Get Free Foldeez or Free Freight.  Just go to the product listings below and view and add it to your cart just once.

Special Offer #3 : You can save an extra $20 off on anyone of these 1L First Year Sets for the next 72 hours

  • Exam Writing First Year Set
  • Foldeez™ First Year Set Save
  • Rom Law™ First Year Set Special Offer
  • MP3 First Year Set Save
  • Baby Bar First Year Set (Do It Yourself)
  • Baby Bar First Year Set Save

Special Offer #4 : You can get $10 off on anyone of these 720 Series Flash Cards for the next 72 hours.

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