MacOSX Rom Law™ Case Briefs for Mac

We now have an OSX version of Rom Law™.

Look at the navigation bar across the top of the page to see all the substantive content you get in Rom Law™; casebriefs, outlines, flash cards, exam writing and Dean’s Law Dictionary.

Try our Case Briefs, Outlines, Flash Cards, Exam Writing, and Dean’s Law Dictionary for 2 Days Before You Make the Best Investment in Your Law School Career.

You Can Demo Rom Law™ for 2 Days … Download Now

Click here to download and get you free two-day demo. Downloading is easy:

1. Save the file to downloads and unzip and then drag the app to Applications.
2. Double click to launch and apply for a demo license by filling in the form in Register.
3. During normal business hours you will get a return email in a few minutes. Just save the attachment to downloads and double click on it to enable your license.
4. Allow the program to download the latest content and you are good to go.

You can purchase after the Evaluation by launching the product and going to Product registration, then to Purchase and filling in the appropriate details.

Or if you prefer to talk to a live person:

540-868-1708 9-5 pm est m-f …. If the lines are busy call back.

Skype: Romlaw2020

You can also watch these Youtube user videos on the Lawschoolsuccess channel.


You can also purchase Exam Writing and Dean’s Law Dictionary as add on options.

There are:

3004 pages of outlines,
22,109 Casebriefs,
12,586 flashcards,
5,019 Q & A

Licenses are for one year except a Dictionary only license is for 4 years. You can copy and paste everything but the casebriefs; those you can edit and print.

This version works on Mac OSX 10.9 or better.

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