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  • TAKE THEM TO CLASS: They come GBC (plastic comb binding) punched with covers that have no titles. They not only lie flat but you can easily sneak them into class as they have no commercial markings on them of any kind.
  • KNOW WHAT THE PROFESSORS KNOW: A good number of the case briefs include excerpts from Dean’s Law Dictionary in the Legal Analysis.   Get a taste of what it feels like to know what the professors know.
  • SUPPLEMENT CLASS NOTES AND OUTLINES: Class goes over just 60% of what you need; get that other 40%. We case brief the entire case and not the edited version in the casebook. We cannot tell you how many times we see dissents left out of the casebooks because they explain everything you need to know about the case and what the professors know. If prof. asks you where you got all that extra info just tell her you briefed the entire case.
  • SAVE  VALUABLE TIME AND EFFORT: Our casebriefs will save you enormous amounts of time. Read the case in the casebook, read our case brief, modify it to your liking and you are ready for class. Spend your time getting ready for exams and not class.
  • COMPARISON LEARNING: Compare your analysis and understanding to learn faster; helps dramatically increase ease of memorization.
  • We have over 116 titles.

Here are the all sub categories of casebriefs.