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Testimonial received on 1/02/2018:

My name is Hamid Choughale I bought your program about two years ago and renewed for another year. Unfortunately, when I first bought your material I did not do as instructed. However, this year I started prepping for the FYLX at the beginning of the year and using your techniques I was able to pass. I can attach the BAR results and official paperwork if you don’t post it due to my address and name. I am embarrassed that two exams were sub-par mostly because I freaked out on the race horse part and mostly because my typing speed sucked but over all with the MCQs I got through it. I did notice that my lowest score on the written exam was countered by a very good score on my MCQ so exam writing and knowledge of the subject are not always a correlation. Your concise written structure on exam writing helped immensely.


Hamid Choughale 2018

Testimonial received on 1/18/2011:

I want to thank you for your product….I had taken and failed the FYLSE twice….I purchased your product, followed your system and passed it on my third and final attempt!!!!!!
J. Sneed, P.E. (Concord Law School)

Testimonial received on 1/14/2013:

I just wanted to write and let you know I passed the FYLSE!!!! Thanks to your program and way of teaching and instructions on how to learn I passed and so did the other student I study with who purchased your product after I told her how great it was! My only regret was not purchasing it sooner – I could have done so much better throughout the school year! I got 2 65's and 2 75's on the essay portion and an 89 on the mcq portion of the October FYLSE!!!!!
Tracy Liberatore 2012 (Concord Law School)

Testimonial received on 1/18/2016:

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the FYLSE first time around. I scored an 85 on one of my Contracts essays and 88 (raw score) on the multiple choice. I want to thank you for what you are doing. I unhesitatingly credit the MAD method with my success. I built my outlines, spent much time in the mountains walking around memorizing, tested myself with MCQ’s and wrote many of the previous 15 year’s FYLSE exams. I never got to 150 essays – I reached about 115. I fell down a bit on the Dissertation because my penmanship is horrid and I never learned to type (I am proficient with about 5-6 fingers total when I type). The hardest aspect of the FYLSE was simply the way they manage to construct such a high pressure atmosphere.
Thank you,
Shane Jensen 2016

Truth is difficult to accept.

Passing the hardest bar exam(s) in the country simply means you must learn the law you should have learned in law school but in fact didn't. If you are familiar with the law, which most law school graduates and students are, you are in deep trouble. You must actually know the law to pass.

One of our owners used to give a Baby Bar FYLSE Review in the late 80's and early 90's. His verified first time pass rate was an incredible 88%! His overall verified pass rate was 92% with second time takers for the FYLSE. He also used to teach an MBE review course that guaranteed all your money back if you didn't pass the MBE. Of 8,404 takers over 5 years there were 3 refunds; all but 3 students passed.

What is meant by verified pass rate is that each student who took the FYLSE Baby Bar course was called to determine if they passed the exam and then given $100 pass or fail if they sent in a copy of their actual result card. If they refused to divulge the information we used the disclosure forms they signed to get the information right from the California State Bar, but they didn't get the $100. We don't play games with numbers: those are the absolute rates of all the students who took his live lecture review course who passed the FYLSE Baby Bar within the first two attempts. 88% passed on the first time they took the exam and a total of 92% passed by the second exam. The live lecture took place from late January until the last weeks of April. You have to work hard to pass the Baby Bar.

There is no substitute for P to the 7th Power: Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance Perhaps™. Everyone of you is spending time, money and resources to pass but the vast majority of you are not spending it on the things that are important. The perhaps is knowing precisely how to spend your time and what to concentrate on. That is why you need these materials and the one on one live lecture.

Get precisely what you need to pass the FYLSE Baby Bar.

This complete set includes a live 3-hour exam writing session with a 30 minute one on one critique phone call so you can get the advice you need and to reinforce what you need to do to pass the FYLSE. It includes 4 one on one-hour long tutoring sessions (one each month) to ensure you are learning what you need to learn and doing it the right way.

If you want to pass the Baby Bar, this set is everything you need for the California First Year Law Students Exam. It includes our MP3 Exam Writing™ Lecture, our MP3 Lectures for Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law, our Foldeez™ law outlines for Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, UCC 2 and Cite Guide, our Exam Writing I book and the Rom Law™ with Dean's Law Dictionary. Its everything you need to pass the Baby Bar.

The total value of this set is $815 so you save $100.

For those taking the FYLSE Baby Bar, you should get this set at least 6-8 months before the exam.

We also have the same materials in a do it yourself course for $355.

Go here to order any of these items.

Why so cheap?

We can easily charge $1,800 for the materials in this package but we can't. Our price is where it is because we sell all the individual parts in large quantities to ABA law students and lawyers. Remember, the key to passing any bar exam is simply learning all the law you should have learned in law school. Bar review materials should be no different than law school outlines and review materials. So it would be impossible in good conscious for us to put a $1,800 price on the materials in the manner that most bar review companies do because you would be able to buy them all for significantly less money individually instead of in a set.

Dean's Law Dictionary is the best tool for passing the FYLSE Baby Bar and yet we sell it for $69.95 per unit around the world. Our MP3 exam writing lecture is the best bar none and we sell that for $69.95 to everyone. Just because those two products have all the skills and materials you need to pass any bar exam in the country, we cannot raise their price by 1000% because they can be used for bar passing. Of course, if it makes you feel better you can always send us a check for $1,100 more.

No one else has such a comprehensive and complete package and no one else has the superior materials that we do. We must be doing something right because we've been in business since 1989.

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