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  • Have you ever read  a casebook and after about 20 minutes just went, “Huh?”” … When you “wake up” you cannot understand or even recall anything you just read?
  • Have you spent countless hours reading and doing case briefs and realize that you know absolutely nothing about the law?
  • Do you have that deep down feeling that something is just not right about law school?
  • Do you think that there is an easier and simpler way to learn the law?

Read the Law School Manifesto and Learn:

  • Just why Godzilla and Emo are always after you.
  • Why the Socratic Method is a myth that has never effectively worked nor will it ever work.
  • The Scientific facts that prove that the Socratic Method cannot work.
  • The Reason Why Most Law Students Struggle.
  • The only effective way to learn complex idiomatic concepts and to always outrun Godzilla and Emo.
  • That time is your only true asset and how not to waste it.
  • How to develop a strategy to learn and avoid all the common mistakes that every law school opportunistic student makes.
  • How to Get M.A.D.TM and get an unfair secret weapon(s), strategy, and advantage(s) in law school.

Get your free copy of the Law School Manifesto by clicking here and subscribing to some of our free Stuff!  You also get the link for The Case Briefs Manifesto so you can watch our exclusive video on the Socratic Method and how to Kill Godzilla and Emo forever

We have Printed Materials for :

Casebriefs, Outlines, Flash Cards, Exam Writing, Bar Reviews, MP3 Lectures, 1L First Year Sets, and Pre 1L materials

We have the only effective solutions to address how to learn the law and the skills you need so you can get A’s in law school but more importantly become an exceptional attorney.  Take the Quick Video Introduction to our Law School Products and M.A.D.TM Study Method. The video is from our older site and we will be replacing it shortly with one from our new site after we are done organizing everything.

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