If you are a 1L and about to enter law school and want to get a good head start that will put you well on your way to getting A's in law school order our Pre-First Year product. Its Guaranteed!

Only order this product if you have more than 3 months before law school.

This product includes either the PC, Mac OSX or Online versions of Rom Law™ with 22,000 casebriefs, a 243,000 entry law dictionary, flash cards, outlines, and law school exam writing products. It also has an extensive MP3 Law School Exam Writing Lecture, an MP3 Substantive law lecture on either Torts, Contracts, or Criminal Law, and a used casebook so you can practice and learn all the skills you need to do extremely well in law school.

It includes 3 half hour phone sessions, one when you order, the second a month later and the third in another month. Plan on spending at least one hour per day on weekdays and 2 hours per day on weekends for at least 3 months.

When you step into your first class you will immediately know what to do and will be able to begin your law school exam writing preparation right from the start and not 1-2 weeks before the final exam.

This course is so good we guarantee its results: If you don't get B's or better in your First Semester we will refund $250.

Do not order this product if you have to take the California FYLSE (Baby Bar). You should order the Baby Bar First Year Set.

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